31% of all law firm related web traffic comes through mobile search (FindLaw U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey 2014)

You can bet the number above has only risen since 2014.

When you think about it… there are many reasons having a mobile website is becoming more important each year. For instance:

  1. More people have smartphones with full browser capabilities
  2. Mobile internet speeds and wifi availability has increased
  3. Many people do not have a desktop or laptop computer and only use their smart phone for searching.
  4. People tend to search for an attorney when on the go.

So why do so many websites have poor mobile optimization? 

…because it is not a priority or it is not affordable. However, the reality is that neglecting a mobile optimized website is extremely expensive. Therefore, it should be very high priority as most of your future clients will contact you using your website on a mobile device.

A few years ago there was a big trend for law firms to use two different websites. One was a desktop version and the other was a mobile optimized website. A snippet of javascript code would determine which website to show based on the device. This was a great option for law firms because it didn’t require the complete redesign of their current website. Over time it because more popular for attorneys to get a responsive website. Responsive websites resize so that they look good on a mobile device. Then Google made a statement that they preferred mobile responsive websites. This caused many firms to switch from having two websites to redesigning their current site.

Google then released a “Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update” that gives preference to websites that are mobile optimized. When Google makes a statement, marketers take notice and the trends start to change. There are many Law Firms that still have two websites, but it is always best to follow Google’s guidelines.

How to Optimize a Website for Mobile

A mobile website should have:

  1. Easy touch navigation
  2. Responsive graphics & content
  3. Speedy loading
  4. Phone Numbers & Address front and center

To make sure that your website has these features, it is best speak with your website developer.

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