There are things you must know in order to make smart marketing decisions. For starters, you must know what a client is worth to you, what a client costs you, how much your willing to spend to acquire a client, etc.

The first step to understanding these numbers is to get the proper analytics tools. In most cases, you’ll need software to help assist you. For example, if you want to understand your website and where traffic is coming from, then installing Google Analytics on your website would be a good place to start.

Google Analytics is free and provides you with the better data than most paid analytics tools. Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to see in your Google Analytics data:

  1. How many unique visitors are coming to your website
  2. How your visitors are finding your website (social, search, ads, referrals, etc.) Google Analytics will also give you specific data on which keywords people are using in the search engine or which social network/article is referring traffic to your site.
  3. The demographics of your site visitors (location, age, affinity, gender, device used, and much more)
  4. Which pages are doing well and which ones aren’t
  5. The trends and history of your website data so that you can map it over time.
  6. The engagement on your pages (time on site, bounce rate, flow, etc. )

With Google Analytics, you can truly determine if your website is producing value for your firm. I once had an attorney hire me to determine the reason for his website’s drop in performance. After looking at Google Analytics, we could trace the drop to a specific day that we know Google made a big change to their search algorithm. Based on this data we were able to address the issues and get the site moving in the right direction. If we didn’t have Google Analytics, it would have been much harder to evaluate the root issue. Another attorney contracted me to evaluate his website performance and after looking at Google Analytics, we found that most of the Firm’s website traffic came from Russia. Therefore, the firm’s conversion rate wasn’t as low as they thought and it gave them the confidence to invest in getting valuable traffic. Needless to say, it is important to have analytics….

So you might as well use Google Analytics.


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