There are three great and popular options for hosting your website videos.

  1. YouTube (Free)
  2. Vimeo ($20/month)
  3. Wistia ($99/month)

Each platform has it’s pros and cons, but my advice is to use YouTube for marketing videos and then use Vimeo or Wistia for your website videos. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and can be optimized to rank within Google’s search. The downside is that YouTube can become distracting for your video viewers. YouTube will suggest other videos that are related to your video and provide a direct link to YouTube that could give your website visitors an option to click off of your website.

Vimeo and Wistia give you more control over your video and provide better statistics. You should host your website videos using one of these platforms because they are reliable and can support HD quality videos.

Wistia is my personal favorite because the platform gives you the option to create call to actions within the video and provides a heatmap showing how far each person has watched the video before clicking off. It even shows if a person has rewinded the video to rewatch specific sections. This information is great when testing out a video to see if you are keeping your viewers attention or if you need to re-record the video.

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