Years ago when I first started marketing law firms, I started using web videos. The purpose of the videos were threefold:

  1. Add searchable content to the blog and YouTube (which is the 2nd largest search engine)
  2. Increase the time spent on the website pages (which is considered a ranking signal)
  3. Increase the conversion rate by allowing the attorneys to provide goodwill.

These videos did well and we were able to build a lot of additional content around these videos. In one setting we would record up to 40 different videos and then edit them for 2 weeks before drip feeding them on the blog and adding them to YouTube. To record this amount of videos in one setting, we had to make a few important decisions. The best decision we made was to choose topics that could be easily discussed without a lot of preparation. We would search for a list of popular questions and compile them into a spreadsheet. We would then look up the search volume for the keywords that were associated with the questions and highlight the questions that had potential. We would then send over the questions to the attorney so that they could prepare answers and then schedule the video shoot. We would shoot the videos one after another until all questions were answered.

After the videos were edited, we would transcribe the videos so that the text would help with SEO and allow people to read the answer to the question regardless if they had their computer’s sound on.

Recording 1-5 videos is great, but recording over 50 can really move the needle. However, there are a few things you want to keep in mind when creating a video marketing strategy:

  • Record videos about topics that are searched and relevant to your practice area.
  • Add a Call-To-Action to every video.
  • Make the videos short (Short videos are easier to make, less expensive, and easier to consume)
  • Seed the videos on multiple platforms. You wouldn’t want to add the transcription to every platform because it could be considered duplicate content, but sharing the video on video sharing websites would help drive traffic to your website.
  • Adding an intro and ending to the videos would make the videos look more professional and you could use the same intro and ending for every video.


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