Quora is an online community where people ask and answer questions. There are countless questions being asked each day on the platform. The questions cover a wide variety of topics, including legal topics.

So how can Quora help you?

Well, there are a few benefits that I can see right off the bat…

The first is by answering questions. Good answers get upvoted and seen by more people. This exposure can be extremely valuable to you, depending on your practice area. For example, if you help people create contracts, then this platform could easily be a channel to help acquire new clients. You will have to be cautious giving legal advice on a social network and some Bar associations have rules that govern how you can utilize Q&A platforms, but overall Quora can be a great source of traffic.

The secondary benefit is for research. Seeing the questions people ask will help you determine which keywords and content to put on your website. You could literally, answer each question on video, upload the videos to YouTube, then embed them on your website as blog posts and then paste the links on Quora. This strategy would give you a good backlink to drive referral traffic to your website and exposure on three web properties.

The third benefit I see is that it builds goodwill. When you answer someone’s question and truly help them, they are more willing to work with you or refer someone to you.


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